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Chiropractic Consent Form *

The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners (government licensing agency) requires all Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in California to obtain written informed consent from their patients to receive care. The doctor must also verbally obtain informed consent. If you have any questions or need to have any words defined for you please let the doctor know.
I hereby give my consent to the performance of the diagnostic tests and procedures and chiropractic and/ or clinical nutrition treatment or management of my condition(s). Chiropractic treatment or management of conditions almost always includes the chiropractic adjustment, a specific type of joint manipulation. Like most health care (medical, dental, acupuncture and therapy) procedures, the serious risks associated with the chiropractic adjustment are extremely rare. Following are the known risks: Temporary soreness/increased symptoms or pain. It is not uncommon for patients to experience temporary soreness or increased symptoms after the first few treatments. Dizziness, nausea and flushing: These symptoms are relatively rare. It is important to notify the chiropractor if you experience these symptoms during or after your care. Fractures: When patients have underlying conditions that weaken bones, like osteoporosis, they may be susceptible to fracture. It is important to notify your chiropractor if you have been diagnosed with a bone weakening disease or condition. If you chiropractor detects any such condition while you are under care, you will be informed and your treatment plan will be modified to minimize risk of fracture.
Disc herniation or prolapsed: Spinal disc conditions like bulges or herniations may worsen even with chiropractic care. It is important to notify your chiropractor if symptoms change or worsen. Other risks associated with chiropractic treatment include rare burns from physiotherapy devices that produce heat or slight muscle/tendon strains with stretching procedures of these tissues.
I understand that the practice of chiropractic, like the practice of all healing arts, is not an exact science, and I acknowledge that no guarantee can be given as to the results or outcome of my care. It is not reasonable to expect my doctor to be able to anticipate or explain all possible risks and complications of a given procedure on any particular visit, and I wish to rely on the doctor to exercise professional judgment during the course of any procedure which he feels at the time to be in my best interest.
I understand that there are other forms of treatment, including drugs and surgery, which could possibly be treatment options for my condition, but this time, I choose chiropractic and/ or nutritional care. If clinical/ therapeutic nutrition is part of my care, I understand that it may consist of but not be limited to the following: Nutritional supplementation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutritional or therapeutic substances.
Homeopathic medicine: the use of highly dilute quantities of naturally occurring plants, animals, and minerals to gently simulate the body’s healing responses.
Lifestyle counseling and hygiene: diet therapy, fasting elimination diets, promotion of wellness to include recommendations for exercise, stress reduction and balancing of work and social activities.
I have read or had read to me this informed consent document. I have discussed or been given the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with my chiropractor and have had these answered to my satisfaction prior to my signing this informed consent document. I have made my decision voluntarily and freely.
Cancellation Policy *

We respect the fact that you may, on occasion, need to cancel an appointment. However, we do request 24 hours notice. Should you cancel an appointment without 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge for a Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment Fee of Twenty ($20) Dollars. You may or may not be charged this fee depending upon the circumstances and/or number of occurrences.
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